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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not sure what this is a picture of but it is just one example of what he does all the time. He is really starting to love drawing. And they are getting from good. His imagination is great. The other day he drew a van with a christmas tree on the top. It looked just like it.

There's not much I can say about Case and his Paci's. He just loves them. I fould a bunch the other day hiding so when he woke up from his nap he was so happy!
I was incharge of our Relief Society (Women's Group @ Church) Christmas Program. I was so proud of the decorations and how they turned out. Those light were going to be the death of me but they worked and it was a great program. We talked about the different Christmas Hymns and their origins and then we sang together as a group and some of us preformed. Some how I got talked into a duet of Silent Night in German. Not sure how that happened since I'm the one who was assigning the preformers. But I didn't mess up the words too much.

Do you see my pretty Nativity Set from Willow Tree that my wonderful Mother in Law got for me a few years ago! It's so pretty!

We aren't going anywhere for Christmas since we went to TN for Thanksgiving. We are feeding the missionaries that day so that will be fun. I think the kids have gotten spoiled like always and some how I talked Loren into a group gift. A new bedding set with new sheets that don't snag on my rough heels. We are already using them and I love it!
I hope all of your Christmas's are wonderful and I'll catch up again in the new year. 2009!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This video is so funny and it might be better than the movie! I'm just sayin'

Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Give Away Again!

So I keep entering these contests because I assume I'll win something eventually...right? N-E-Ways...this blog, give away today is giving away a FREE Reversivble Camera Strap Cover. It's really cute and all I had to do was leave a comment. I was able to add my name 4 different times. Once for just leaving a post on my blog about my Best Picture taken. So here is my Best Picture. You've seen it before I think. It's of Case and his hooded towel. I just love his expression! Check out the blog to see what they give away everyday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free $100.00 Target Gift Card

There is this great blog that is giving away FREE stuff every day and today is a $100.00 Gift Card to Target. All you have to do is leave a comment. If you go there give my name as a referral so I can have my name added again. Thanks!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving Travels

Man this past month really few by! It was so busy and now only 4 weeks till Christmas. I'll go ahead and apologize for all the pictures in random order. But I am very lazy and I don't want to go back and put them in order. Me and the family got to got to TN for Thanksgiving. YEAH!! It was last minute decision but way worth it. We stayed at my dad's house and got to see alot of people. We didn't leave until late on Wednesday cause Loren had to work. We got to my dad's house around 1am (2am to us). Case really hates traveling at night when he'd rather be in his bed asleep. He cried about 4 hours of our 7 hour drive. Fun huh? But all was well the next day. We spent Thanksgiving at my friend Abby's house. She was so nice to let us crash her meal. My peps went to KY to eat with Pat's (my step-mom) family. We had a great meal with our friends the Hanson's, Wilson's, and Scott Gibson. Thank's Abby for feeding us. On Friday Me and my brother Ben went to visit my Grandmother who lives in a Nursing Home in KY. I hadn't seen her since this summer. I used to live close and was able to visit more but now I'm 7 hours away. I am her Guardian (POA-ish) and I've got to be incharge of her care. She is doing good and we let talk to my mom (her daughter) for like 15 minutes. She really enjoyed that. She hasn't been vocal for about a year and doesn't know who anyone is anymore. But when my mom started talking to her her eyes really lite up and I could tell she was really concentrating. It was good to see her. On Saturday all the grandkids made Christmas cookies at my parents house. We had 12 kids there and it was chaos! I got to finally hold my new nephew Emmett. I just loved him and his sweet baby smell! Saturday night I went to the movies with my friend Claire. We saw Australia. Man I am in love with that man! Hugh Jackman is Yummy!!! (BTW-Loren was throwing up all day Saturday. Fun huh?) Sunday we drove back home and now I've got to dig myself out of this pile of laundry but instead I am updating my blog and changing the back ground. I've got good priorities huh? Well, that's my update. oh-yeah...I finally advanced in rank with my Scentsy Business. Yeah for me! My paycheck for November Rocked and it is paying for Christmas, a new colored printer, maybe a pedicure...it's been too long! On to the pictures. Again I'm sorry they are out of order...

Me and my sister Morgan. She's very pretty and 17! Holy Cow!!
Baby Emmett. He loved his Aunt Becca and slept in my arms for an hour. I've got the touch!

Me and Emmett. (do you like my shirt? It says..."Practice Safe Scents" makes me laugh when I wear it!

Justin is making Christmas Cookies with his cousins. He had so much fun!

This is Izzy, Abby's daughter. She is so stinkin' cute. She gave me inspiration on what to get Case for Christmas. No it's not the My Little Ponies. I got him the same Rocket. He loved her's at Thanksgiving. Thanks Izzy for sharing!
Me and my Grandma Wheat. Believe me...she looks a million times better now than she did a year ago.
Justin and his friend Ethan at Thanksgiving Dinner
I really want a cool timer like this. Very helpful when making a turkey that took an extra hour to cook!
This is Becca Hanson and Abby. I love hangin' with these girls!
Case is chillin' in this pick car. He doesn't care what color his ride is!
Walking a little outside
And finally just a cool picture of what he does all day long!
(Disclaimer: I apologize for the offensive massive zit on my chin thru most of these pictures. Believe me it hurt me more than it is hurting you to see it!)

That's it! Hope everyone had a great Weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, I'd first like to dedicate this post to my dear friend. You know who you are:-) As I sit here staring at my clock (8:00pm) on Thursday night the eve of Twilight I can't help but wish this clock went a little faster. I've never been more thankful to be on the East Coast until now when I get to see the movie a whole 2 and 3 hours before my family and friends. Hehe...

I'm going to the midnight release in 4 short hours. I have on my Twilight Shirt that I bought in Forks, WA this summer. It says I was bitten in Forks. I thought it was good enough since the place will be surrounded by 15 year olds in Prom Dresses. I'm not that crazy. Seriously...I'm almost 30! So the t-shirt will have to do. I've got my Mountain Dew (ok it's really Mello Yellow) to help me stay awake. Sadly enough my bed time is usually 9:30. I'm gonna be dead to the world tomorrow. But so worth it! I've decided to repost my pictures from this summer when I went to Forks. (Don't be jealous)
Me and Case Freezing in La Push! Very Pretty!! Maybe this was first beach I don't remember.

This is the sunset from LaPush. Still very cold but so worth it.

Here is the Outfitters Store where Bella worked. They had everything in there.

From left to right: my niece Brianna, Me, my sister Amy, and my sister Morgan. We walked around for a minute but the school was locked up for Summer Break.

I'm just so glad that this movie is finally here so I can get on with my life. I really want a movie for books 3 and 4. I think the fight scene in book 3 would totally rock and I'm curious how they would do Renesme in book 4.

I hope those who care get to go see the movie (minus hubby the first time. he can come when I see it again.) Have a great time!!

Love these Signs!

So, friends of mine from High School make these really fun Name Signs. You should check them out. They are having a drawing and giving one away if you post a comment on your own blog. So, you should check it out here

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Justin is 5!

Justin turned 5 on Thursday, November 13th. I can't believe how big he looks. When he got dressed for church this morning he was so handsome I had to take a picture! I didn't have any baby pictures saved on this computer so I almost just put one of Case since they looked the same as babies. Justin was just 2 pounds bigger. But I didn't do it. Sorry...
I feel like a loser mom for not having a birthday party for Justin this year. He is at the age where he knows the difference. Last year went drove back to TN so he could have a party with his cousins and friends. We had just moved to NC and I felt bad. This year he really doesn't have any friends except Aiden and the kids from school. I wasn't inviting the kids from school cause some of the parents are just scary so we just celebrated a little each day for 3 days. On Tuesday it was Veteran's Day so Justin didn't have any school. I took his friend Aiden and him to a NASCAR themed restaurant and they ate and played arcade games. They loved it.
Then on Wednesday Night we opened presents from us and his Grandparents and we blew out candles on some brownies that I made last minute. (I wasn't prepared for the cake part! Loser I know) Loren was going to be in Miami for the last Race so we did the presents early.
Then on his birthday I took cupcakes to his class and they sang happy birthday to him. He had a good time all 3 days so I don't think he noticed being short changed. (sorry this picture is fuzzy)
I can't believe he is already 5 and will be in Kindergarten next year. I can't wait. He is such a funny kid and is so busy all the time. He really loves school except for the taking a nap part. He's learning a lot and starting to do alot more on his own now.
A couple of facts about Justin: his favorite color is Red. He doesn't like the word Dinner. I don't know why but if I say it's time for dinner he puts up a fight about eating. But if I call it food time or a snack it's ok. I hope he grows out of this. I drives me crazy. He loves to make up songs and sing them all the time until you find yourself singing them too. He loves to play and loves his baby brother. He's a great kid and really fun to play with.
I love you buddy and Happy Birthday!

(thought this was a cute picture!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hangin' in the Sun

This past week has been so nice and somewhat warm! Which makes me very happy. we saw mid 70's a few times and took advantage of it one day when we had Loren with us and went to the park. Here's a picture of Justin hanging on to a race car. The pose was his idea.
Sadly enough, I think this was Case's first time on a swing! He really loved it. It's kinda hard to get an action shot but just look at his face. Loving it!
Justin and Case going down the slides together. It's so much more fun when they can do stuff together. Now if we can only get Case to walk with us he will totally be in there.
I thought this picture was so great of my handsome boys. We had a fun time at the park and enjoyed the last of the warm weather. (Have I ever mentioned I HATE the cold?)
Ok...so I had a great opportunity to go to Atlanta, GA this weekend for a Scentsy Regional Conference. Can I first just say that I have not been without my kids since January and I really needing those 27 hours away! I drove to Atlanta Friday night (4 1/2 hours) and stayed with Amy Carter (Abby Wilson's sister) and her family. Thank you so much for letting me crash at your home even thou you've only meet me a few times. Ya'll really saved me a ton of money! I got there in time for bed and was out the door by 7am the next morning. The Conference was in Atlanta so I had about an hour drive that morning. I think the main reason I went was because I had signed up 3 recruits in September and I really have no idea what I'm doing. I got into Scentsy because I wanted to help pay my Summer travels and it did. But then I signed up some people and I had to think about someone else's success besides mine. I had to decide if I wanted to just Sell or if I wanted to Sell and really make a go at this. I learned alot at the conference and met some great people who are in my area. I've been kinda by myself since I signed up so it was great to meet others that I can go to for suggestions.
So, driving home I really thought about everything and I really think I want to make a go at this. I'd love to not only make a little money on the side for me but I'd love to help contribute to our household. We really want to buy another house and keep our TN home and continue to rent it out. And with the economy the way it is we're gonna have to have a decent down payment. So my new goal is to work towards saving for a home.
I know you don't really care about this but I'm really excited about it. I got to meet the Owners of Scentsy, Orville and Heidi Thompson. My sister Amy actually knows them from 15 years ago before they bought Scentsy. They tried to talk her into being a consultant 4 years ago but she was too busy. She thought is was pretty funny when I told her what I had signed up for back in March. I had meet Heidi and Orville when I was like 13 visiting my sister so it was fun to meet them again. This company is growing so fast out West and it's just starting in the South so I'm excited about the possibilities! If you want to know more about Scentsy just click www.scentsy.com/rkern

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween and other Fun Stuff!!

The boys costumes this year really made me laugh! The only thing that would have made it better was Case walking...but maybe next year! I got the costume idea from the Family Fun magazine. Case is a Gnome and Justin is a Gnome sitting on a Toadstool. It took a little convincing on my part to get Justin into this costume. He really wanted to be something from Star Wars or Transformers. When he saw the "skirt" he had to wear he was not very excited. I told him that the Blue hat made him a boy Gnome and he seemed to accept that. He did like it in the end and we got alot of compliments while Trick or Treating.
Don't you just want to squeeze Case? He was really good all night long walking around in the cold.
This is the Family Fun inspiration from last year. Justin (almost 4) was a "Candy Robot" and Case (almost 3 months) was a "Sweet Pea" .
We had to stop and take a break from walking. He was begging to go home within an hour!
This is his friend Aiden. Aiden and his family came with us so we wouldn't be alone. Loren was in Texas for a race and missed out on all the fun.

He was so tired!

Also, last weekend we went to the NC Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was really nice weather and Loren got to go with us so that was a bonus! So many balloons and I think Case could have died a very happy baby. He loves Balloons!
These things are huge close up!

And lastly, a few weeks ago I found a Caterpillar outside that attached itself to our beach towel. I took it off and put it into this jar thinking I totally killed it. By the next morning it had reattached itself to the stick I provided and then 2 1/2 weeks later it hatched! Very cool. Justin was so proud!

Good bye pretty Butterfly!

In other news...I voted early on Thursday and it only took me 30 minutes in line! Very happy about that. Loren however will be there all night on Tuesday after work. Have you voted? If not good luck on Tuesday. It will be a long night I think...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nascar Anyone?

So seriously...where did my life go wrong? Nascar? Seriously? Well, some day I need to except it and get used to it cause we ain't movin' any time soon! There was a race in NC this past weekend so me and Justin decided to see what Loren does 3 days out of every week. Besides the drunk rednecks and chain smokers it was kinda fun. We were just a few rows up right in front of pit row so we could kinda see Loren. I never knew how loud it could be. We didn't come prepared so we bought ear plugs. Those things are hard to get to stay in on Justin and man you could really tell how dirty his ears were! We didn't stay for the whole race cause they had 2 rain delays for a few sprinkles and the race lasted till after 1am. We went home around 11pm. We did get to see 2 wrecks in front of us and watch Justin's favorite drivers go round and around. Justin had a huge grin on his face the whole time.

Here's Justin trying to see Loren across the field.
The #33 car was Kevin Harvick's during a Pit Stop. Loren was there somewhere.
Me and Justin having fun and going deaf at the same time
Trying to preserve my kids hearing!
I can say that I was glad to go. It's nice to see what my hubby does and it wasn't totally horrible. I might even go again some day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sweet Baby Case!!

I haven't gotten a picture of Case with me or Loren in a while so I decided it was time. He is such a funny kid and very sneaky lately!

So, I was yelling at Justin for the past 2 days because he couldn't find his new shoes and he can't wear his crocks or sandals to school. He never puts his shoes away when he gets home from school and so he had to wear his church shoes the past 2 days and he wasn't very happy about it. Well today Case was playing by me at the computer and opened the filing cabinet and guess what I found? Yup...Justin's new shoes and it was Case who lost them the whole time. So now I feel like a jerk and will have to tell Justin I'm sorry for yelling at him...however, if he had put his shoes away in the first place Case would never had hid them!
Seeing his shoes in the filing cabinet reminded me of the other funny hiding places Case has put stuff. So I had to recreate them for you. Justin last week went to pee and starting yelling for me to come and see what Case did...you guessed it...Justin's sandals were in the toilet! (They have since then been disinfected!)
I always have a problem with Case and keeping up with his pacies. He currently has 4 and I can only tell you where 1 is. It's in his mouth. However, the other day Justin went to get some fruit snacks out of the pantry and yelled for me to see what Case had did...again...his paci was in the Fruit Snack box!

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