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Saturday, May 24, 2008


So, I have finally gotten professional pictures taken with our whole family. Case is almost 10 months old and this is his first real pictures. I swear I have a ton of professional ones of Justin before he was even 1! I feel bad Case is getting shafted! I'll try to do better. It was very hard to make a choice on which pictures to go with. There were so many good ones. (As a side not...do I really look like this? I don't think I do...why do you always see yourself differently???) Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So, I've been putting off uploading my pictures from Mother's Day and other random items...Mother's Day was good. Justin was so excited for like the whole week leading up to it because he had a secret. He'd come up to me and whisper in my ear what he made for me but he was always too quiet for me to hear. He was very clever. He and Loren had gone to the Home Depot Kids Craft a few weekends before and he made me a wooden flower vase(now a nifty pencil holder on my desk) along with some wooden flowers. He was very proud of all the stickers he put on it. Loren got me a 7qt. Crock pot. I know, not very exciting...but I was so happy! I've been using one from our wedding that is round and only holds like 4-5qt. Not very big. Since then I've used it 3 times and I'm very happy about it. I also found a great Crock pot blog on one of my friends site. This girls does a new recipe every day. All the recipes I've tried have been wonderful! Her site is http://www.crockpot365.blogspot.com/ and I've got it on my side bar if anyone is interested!

A few weeks ago we checked out the local lake scene. It's like 15 minutes from here. They actually had a pretty clean play area. We didn't come prepared to swim but Justin enjoyed playing in the sand and dragging this huge stick around.

Me and Case just hung out on a towel and watched all the kids playing. He so stinking cute isn't he!!!

Justin's been in soccer since the first of April and honestly the kid is bad! It's his first year and granted alot of the kids don't have the skill but he just doesn't care! He'd rather chase the other kids around. He did finally make like 3 goals and I did get in on my video camera. It was so funny to watch mostly. I think we'll try t-ball next time...

Here's a picture of me and Justin. I just realized I don't have very many of me and him together. He's such a cheeze!
This is Justin's Bearded Dragon, Cash. He seriously sleeps like he is dead to the world. Nothing can wake this guy till morning!

Here's a pretty dress I just finished for my friend Jen's daughter, Macy. She just turned 1 and I'm very happy with how it turned out!

This is the back view

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok...so here is how my night went last night...Case and Justin are in bed by 7:15pm. Yeah for me! I get to watch my shows with out my kids. Well, Case woke up like 45 minutes later and was not happy. I tried to let him cry it out but 20 minutes of hysterics from a baby who never does that was all I could take. I got him out of bed and he was so not happy. He already has 6 teeth and has had minimal discomfort. He's never acted like this until now. I tried Motrin, Tylenol, and teething tablets but nothing really seemed to help. Finally I sat in his room and rocked with him till he calmed down. He chilled out enough by 9pm and went to sleep. Well, stupid me thought yeah I can watch my shows on my DVR now. So I didn't get to sleep till 10:30 and he was up again at 3:00am...so we started to process over again. It took till 5:00am for him to chill out enough and go back to sleep. Then Loren was up at 5:45, Justin was up at 6:45 and Case was up at 7:15...I'm not sure how much sleep that was but it really wasn't enough for me...The tooth still hasn't cut yet but it's real close.

I'd love some suggestions. Justin never cared and seriously this sucks! Besides that I'm doing good and enjoying the nice weather. I haven't had to have my heat or ac on in like 2 weeks.

This is Justin's last week at soccer so I'll try to get some pictures up soon. Have a great week! Oh yeah...I read the "Host" by Stephenie Meyer last week and I totally loved it. Just as much as I loved Twilight so if you've read the Twilight books you got to try this one out! It's like over 600 pages but I like involved stories!

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