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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hello Again

Ok...so I know I've been a loser and not posted anything for a long time. There hasn't been alot to say. Easter was cold and of course the boys couldn't wear the outfits cause they were shorts. Then, again this Sunday it's like 45 for a high so agian not going to happen. Maybe next week I'll get them in them and put an Easter basket in their hands and claim they were from Easter..he he he.
So since my last post I have got a root canal (not very fun) and tomorrow I get to have a second one (still not very fun). In case most of you have dental insurance be glad cause these puppies are for the low low cost of $4000.00 ish and some change. Yikes! But the good news is half of my mouth fells real good finally and the other half soon will too. Last week I went to Tennessee to visit my friends. We had so much fun seeing everyone. I swear my visits are so short and crammed with so much to do. We spent the day with my friend Bethany and her family. Her son Nate is Justin's age and he loves to go to thier house. They are moving to Italy this summer for the next few years. I am very jealous! I wanted to say thanks to Debbi and her family for feeding us dinner. And a huge shout out to Becca Hansen for always willing to watch my kiddos while I have stuff to do.

Which brings my to my fun news...I called my hair lady and asked her if her hair perming skills have improved since 1987 and she assured me they have. So, I finally did it. It was a little scary but I got real big rods and in a few weeks it'll relax some more and well...I was just bored and rash decisions always come from boredom...

Scary I know but it's actually not to bad. The not so fun part of my trip was Case had an ear infection. Crabby! He's been boycotting milk for about a week now and now I know why. I swear he only drinks like 8-12 ounces a day. He's had like 5 days of the antibiotics so shouldn't that get better? It's driving me crazy cause he won't drink water or juice either so now I'm obsessed with dehydration...anyways he'll go back to the doctor this week to check his ears again so I'll ask the doctor then. Also, about Case is he's got 3 teeth right now and 3 more coming in but I really wanted to get a good picture of the snaggle tooth, so here it is...
The three new teeth are on the top so no more snaggle.
(Thank you Abby for helping my get this cute picture! Case was not cooperating!)

So another funny thing from our trip was Justin passed out on the bathroom floor. I led him in there from the living room floor where he was asleep to give him and Case a bath. I had to go and get Case from his high chair first and when I got back to the bathroom this is what I saw. I hope it's not a prequel for what's to come in high school.

And finally here are some pictures of me and the kiddos at the park with our friends Jen, Aiden, and Massy

Justin and his friend Aiden

Case and his friend Massy

She's really petite and will be 1 at the end of April and Case is a horse and is only 8 months old. But he loves her all the same.

So, I think I covered everything that's been going on. Oh, I signed up to be a consultant for a great Candle company called Scentsy. They have a wonderful product. Check out my website and tell me what you think. www.scentsy.com/rkern I've also added a link in my sidebar to this site.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Speed Test

So, my friend had this on her blog and I totally suck! But I thought it was fun. Leave me a comment and tell me how you did.

(I moved the speed test to my side bar if your curious)

I've Been Tagged!

I got tagged so here we go...

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Sadly enough I was a senior in High School and sending my boyfriend on a mission. I didn't do very good at waiting for him:-) I was working full time and couldn't wait to get out of school. I was getting ready to move to Washington to live with my sister and her family.

2. 5 Things on my to-do list today...
* Take the boys to the Library for Story Time
* Do some major laundry
* Play outside and enjoy the warmer weather
* Make my famous "Yummy Sandwiches" (Abby knows what I mean)
* Attempt to go to Enrichment tonight...we'll see how that goes...

3. 5 Snacks I enjoy...
* Betty Crocker Hershey's Frosted Supreme Brownie Mix
* Mello Yellow
* Sour Cream and Onion Pringles
*Frozen Pretzels with Chez Whiz (seriously)
*Sweet Tart Jelly Beans

4. 3 Bad Habits...
* I chew my finger nails
* I'm a picker...zits, scabs, hair in the wrong places (sorry Loren)
* I love trashy Reality TV

5. What would you do if you were instantly a Billionaire?
I would pay off my mortgage and then build my dream house on the back of my property in TN. Loren wouldn't work any more and he'd finally finish his Drag Car and race it. We would travel like crazy and visit our families all the time.

6. Places I've Lived...
* Troutman, North Carolina
* White House, Tennessee
* St. George, Utah
* Gilbert, Arizona
* Snohomish, Washington
* Mesa, Arizona

7. Jobs I've Had/Have...
* Mom
* Outback Steakhouse (off and on for the past 10 years)
* Staffmark Staffing Services
* CIT customer service
* Nielsen's Frozen Custard (you have no idea how bad I want a Grinder!)
* Wells Fargo Back
* County Seat (it used to be a retail store in the Mall)

8. 5 Things People Don't Know About Me...
* I don't shave my legs everyday (or every other day either...)
* I won't pluck my eyebrow's unless I'm desperate (I like to wax them)
* I don't wear any shoes when I drive
* I am deathly afraid of needles and epidurals (that's all Sarah's fault)
* I don't like Loren to do the dishes because he puts them in the dishwasher wrong. It's a total mess when does it. I'm a little of a control freak that way! So people know I'm a control freak but the dishwasher thing is a little OCD!

So, I hope you enjoyed. I only tag Amy cause everyone else has done this at some point.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Double Wide

So here is the double wide that I live in. It's not too bad because they put new hard wood floors throughout the house so we were walking on 30 years of someone else's scuz. And we are only here till Sept. when we either move back or buy something without a hitch for a truck! If I knew how to attach a song to this it would be "She is the queen on my double wide trailer with the polyester curtains and the redwood deck..." I don't know who sings it but it's country and I think of it fondly when I come home.

Also, here are some pictures of "Cash". Justin's Bearded Dragon. He's a pretty neat animal to have and I haven't killed it yet. It's been almost 3 months. Some day he will get to be 2 feet long in about another 1-2 years. And possibly live for up to 10 years.

Brag on Me!

So, I decided to make a blessing dress for my sister's new baby. I'm very proud of it and I think it turned out good. I only had to call and ask one dumb question about the directions. About 90% I did on my own. I had to sew the sleeves on by hand because they were too small to fit into my sewing machine. I also made her other daughter who is almost 3 a dress too because she is not going to like that the new baby in the house is getting all these fun presents and she isn't. The pink dress I really can't take credit for because it only involved 1 seam down the side and sewing in a few pieces of ribbon. Not a lot of skill is required to make that one but it is cute none the less. So, I think I need a girl. Anybody have any suggestions that really work? I won't be thinking about it though for at lest 2-3 more years though.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I now have 23 niece's and nephew's!

My sister Katie had her 3rd baby on Saturday, March 1st at 3:30am in Mesa, Arizona. She came in weighing an amazing 8lbs. 6oz. and 21 in. long. She was born 3 weeks early and if the doctor would have broken her water sooner her birthday could have been on Leap Year. Oh well. Her name is Emma Claire Lent and they are calling her Claire. Everyone is doing good and as soon as she sends me pictures I'll post them.


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