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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Virginia Trip

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post...I've been a little distracted and every time I sat down to write something, I had my camera in my car and couldn't upload the pictures that I wanted. I know you're probably thinking...why doesn't she just get off her lazy butt and go out to the car and get the camera...well I don't have a good answer for that.

In case anybody is wondering which dress I picked, it was the Blue one. I had a pretty even split on both dresses. However, I have yet to return the Green dress so who knows...

This past weekend we had a pretty spontaneous trip to Norfolk, VA. Loren's brother Garrett is in the Navy and his ship the, USS Whidbey Island came in after being out since last October. We meet up with his mom from Portland and girlfriend, Susan from Savannah, GA. We had a hotel right on the Ocean . The sun just about blinded me the first morning looking out on the Ocean! (reminded me of what Edward Cullen would look like in the sun...if you don't know what I'm talking about, SHAME ON YOU!) On Saturday we paid $17.00 to drive from Norfolk to the East Peninsula of VA. Apparently building a 17.5 mile long bridge/underwater tunnel is impressive and they charge you a mortgage payment just to see it! The rest of the day was spent on the beach building a sand castle and just hanging out with Nanna who we don't get to see often enough. On Sunday we meet up with Susan and waited on the Naval Base for a couple hours in the cold and wind. I wish I had gotten some pictures of the skanky girls waiting for their man after 7 long months...Susan felt bad that she was severely overdressed! Oh-well! Justin thought the ship was pretty cool and was glad to see his Uncle Garrett again. We all got to spend a few hours together before we had to drive home Sunday night.
(Seriously! I need a tan!)

Lastly...a little hubby bragging is in order. After a few weeks of Loren sick of seeing all my Scentsy crud all over the floor he finally built me a desk to help keep me organized. I love it and someday I will get organized! (so I know many of you will be jealous of my floral 1980's wallpaper behind the desk)

This is picture of the boys waiting for Loren to finish building the desk so we could all go home.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dress Poll

Ok people...I went to 2 different Kolh's in the last two days and one took almost an hour to get to. I really wanted one of these dresses but now I can't decide which color to keep! So, I'm letting America decide which one is prettier. The Blue or the Green Dress. And no I can't keep them both because I bought way too much other stuff and I need to take one back...I really feel like my mother right now buying something and then returning it...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Love Fun Presents!

So, this past week was LONG and CRAZY! I think I've been a little stressed out with my first Scentsy Party and every time I went to bed I'd be thinking about what I needed to do. Loren was in Arizona for a few days for a race and it's always a little out of whack when he's not around. And for the 2nd year in a row he wasn't with me on my birthday. Last year he was living in NC already while I was in TN still waiting to have the baby and then this year he was gone again due to a race. I guess I should just except it if we stay with this profession but I still like to whine for just a minute. Besides, I'm not going to be here for our anniversary and I'll also be gone for like 6 weeks this summer so...can I call that even?

My Scentsy party was a hit. I only had like 6 people come to the actual party but a lady from my bank called on Tuesday and asked if I could bring my stuff in on Wednesday and show it to all the Lady's in the bank. That was great. I got like 5 orders from them and hopefully some parties down the road. It's really hard when you don't know alot of people besides those at church. It kind of limits your prospects, so I was pumped! Thank you to everyone who ordered! I think I've sold around $900.00 so that makes me happy to have come really close to reaching my goal! If anyone didn't get a chance to place an order you don't need to wait for a party to do so. Just go to my site and place it there...

Now on to my birthday. Since Loren wasn't around 2 of my friends from church came by and we watched a movie and hung out. On Monday before Loren left I got a very nice pedicure and manicure. Thanks Loren! Pat got me a very pretty necklace. My mom gave me a very useful key finder. My sister Amy got me a fabulous avocado scooper/slicer, and then I got me a camcorder with all the birthday money I collected. Thanks for the donations! I can't wait to record Justin's first soccer game. I'm sure it will be priceless!

My new avacodo scooper/slicer

My key finder. And it's very cute!
My pretty new necklace.

My new camcorder! Finally

Lastly, I don't think I mentioned that Case has an ear infection. It's been going on for like 3 weeks now and we are on our 3rd round of antibiotics. Poor guy is not very happy and he has also cut 3 teeth during all of this. I feel really bad for him. I hope this last round of drugs does the trick.

(So for some reason blogger is being dumb today and it wouldn't let me drag my pictures where I wanted them. Instead I had to cut and paste my text around my pictures. Very annoying!)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What I do when I'm bored...

So, this morning I was bored and really wasn't in the mood to build a train track with Justin so I spent like 2 hours messing with this blog layout. (I know I should spend more time with my kid but seriously I'm over the trains and anything having to do with Transformers!...besides we were in the same room and I did interact with him:-) I like this layout much better now. I found another great site that does free layouts and it was very easy to do. I am very dumb when it comes to computers and I did it without too much trouble. If your interested in which site I used it's: www.matiekay.blogspot.com I liked her site because her layouts fit my whole page. I included the link on my site bar as well. Then I decided to add some songs to my site. It was very fun. However if your taste in music is not the same as mine then just hit mute or turn it off and you won't be offended:-) And if your wondering how I can go from Alice in Chains to Jim Brickman I'd like to blame it on certain people from high school and in my defense it's only this one album of Alice in Chains and most of the CD is pretty mellow...

On the first Saturday of the month Home Depot does a Kids Workshop and Justin has been going now for almost a year. It is great and I definitely recommend checking into your local Home Depot to see if they do the same. Each month is a new craft and they get a Home Depot Apron and a new pin that represents what craft they did that day. So Justin's apron has over 12 pins on it now. It is completely free and Justin loves to build stuff. Some of his past projects have been a Race Car, Pirate Ship, Pencil Box, Train, and today we built a Flower Planter Box. We then went to the garden department and bought some flowers and soil. If was fun to put it to use. Me and Justin made a big mess of the soil but he is excited to watch the new flowers bloom and the other ones to grow bigger.

Coming up this week I am having my Launch Party for Scentsy on Friday, April 11th at my house. I've spent the last few days sending out invites and I am hoping for a good turn out. However, if you don't live by me (not many people do) please feel free to visit my site and check out their great product. Your welcome to place an order even if you can't attend to party. It will still go towards my party goal. My goal is to sell over $1000.00 and really get this off to a good start. If you have any questions about the warmers please let me know. I'd be happy to send you a catalog. You can also download one from my site. I've left a link on my sidebar that will take you directly to my site.

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