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Sunday, June 1, 2008

So do you remember back in the day when you went on a date with a boy and you were nervous and you wanted to hold his hand. You over analyzed every move he made to see if he was giving any "signs" that he wanted to hold your hand too! Well, my sweet baby Case is already goin' there! We were on our way to the Zoo last week with my friend Jen. Her daughter Macy loves Case and she is not the shy type. She kept grabbing his hand trying wanting to hold it.

After many attempts he finally let her have his hand.

Here is Justin at the Zoo. I didn't get any pictures of him and the animals. I know I'm a loser!

Last night we all went to the local Rodeo. It was kinda hot and muggy so we didn't stay for the actual Rodeo but we were there for over 3 hours playing and eating so yummy ribs. Here's so pictures of Justin lovin' the bouncy things. He did not want to leave them!

This is a little random but I think in the past I have mentioned Justin's obssesion with all his animals. He sleeps with 7 of them and on occasion other fun toys from the day. It usually takes him like 30 minutes to stop talking to all his animals to fall asleep. When I went to check on him last night before I went to bed this is what I found. It made he laugh. And believe me if I tried to move anything he would have cussed he out in the morning!

The animals by his feet had there own pillow and blanket. He was almost falling off his bed because there was no room left for him. So funny!

So, I've been waiting for the Special Edition of Eclipse to come out so I could read the first chapter to Breaking Dawn. It came out yesterday so I went to buy it. They also included the cover art for Breakig Dawn. I'm dying to know what it means. Does the Red Pawn and the White Queen represent Bella? It's fun to read all the interesting theories of this. I like to look at http://www.twilightmoms.com/ they have some fun discusions for this. BTW-if you have no idea what I'm talking about go to http://www.stephiemeyer.com/ and get yourself educated! If you have any ideas what this cover could mean, I'd love to hear them.

And finally my last thought of the week:-) Why do baby companies constantly change their product and styles right when you lose all your paci's but one and y our child won't take any other brand. I spent like over an hour one night last week looking for this pacifier. It turns out that Evenflo is no longer making the 6m+ ones but I called the company directly and they sent me the 0-6m size. I was thrilled! But when I got them I realized that Case probably had the bigger size cause the nipple part is longer. So, I'm giving him the new ones to play with to see if he'll except it eventually. I know most of you are thinking that I should just get rid of the Paci. Well, I'm just not ready for that challenge. He's only 10 months old and he could care less about a bottle so we are working on that one right now. And we about to embark on a 6 week vacation so I really don't want to rock the boat right now. However, I really do wish that baby companies would atleast give us a heads up when they decide to change the product so we can stock up!

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Case standing