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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nascar Anyone?

So seriously...where did my life go wrong? Nascar? Seriously? Well, some day I need to except it and get used to it cause we ain't movin' any time soon! There was a race in NC this past weekend so me and Justin decided to see what Loren does 3 days out of every week. Besides the drunk rednecks and chain smokers it was kinda fun. We were just a few rows up right in front of pit row so we could kinda see Loren. I never knew how loud it could be. We didn't come prepared so we bought ear plugs. Those things are hard to get to stay in on Justin and man you could really tell how dirty his ears were! We didn't stay for the whole race cause they had 2 rain delays for a few sprinkles and the race lasted till after 1am. We went home around 11pm. We did get to see 2 wrecks in front of us and watch Justin's favorite drivers go round and around. Justin had a huge grin on his face the whole time.

Here's Justin trying to see Loren across the field.
The #33 car was Kevin Harvick's during a Pit Stop. Loren was there somewhere.
Me and Justin having fun and going deaf at the same time
Trying to preserve my kids hearing!
I can say that I was glad to go. It's nice to see what my hubby does and it wasn't totally horrible. I might even go again some day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sweet Baby Case!!

I haven't gotten a picture of Case with me or Loren in a while so I decided it was time. He is such a funny kid and very sneaky lately!

So, I was yelling at Justin for the past 2 days because he couldn't find his new shoes and he can't wear his crocks or sandals to school. He never puts his shoes away when he gets home from school and so he had to wear his church shoes the past 2 days and he wasn't very happy about it. Well today Case was playing by me at the computer and opened the filing cabinet and guess what I found? Yup...Justin's new shoes and it was Case who lost them the whole time. So now I feel like a jerk and will have to tell Justin I'm sorry for yelling at him...however, if he had put his shoes away in the first place Case would never had hid them!
Seeing his shoes in the filing cabinet reminded me of the other funny hiding places Case has put stuff. So I had to recreate them for you. Justin last week went to pee and starting yelling for me to come and see what Case did...you guessed it...Justin's sandals were in the toilet! (They have since then been disinfected!)
I always have a problem with Case and keeping up with his pacies. He currently has 4 and I can only tell you where 1 is. It's in his mouth. However, the other day Justin went to get some fruit snacks out of the pantry and yelled for me to see what Case had did...again...his paci was in the Fruit Snack box!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not alot has been going on this past week. Loren was in Delaware I think and this week he's in Talladega for an ARCA race. Then next week he has a race in NC so no traveling and I finally get to go to my first NASCAR race. I'm not sure if I should be proud of this or not...I'll let you know...I think by the 18th he will have a weekend off and I think I am due a date and some flowers. This past week I finally signed up 3 consultants to sell Scentsy with me and I am learning how much extra work I have to do now. I've been training the ladies who live close to me and it's been rough since NC hasn't had a lot of gas in the past week. But I am excited to make a little extra money for christmas.

So, every morning when Case wakes up and Justin is usually already up I put Case on the couch with Justin while I take a shower. He usually sits there the whole time I'm in the shower and shares a bowl of dried cereal and watched cartoons with his brother. Sometimes Justin even turns it on the Wiggles for Case. He's a good brother that way. I couldn't resist this cute picture of their morning bonding!
This other day Justin comes running to me and says to come look where Case was. I looked in Justin's closet and saw that he pushed the stool over to the bookshelf and climbed on top of it. Isn't he a genius! I had the run and grab the camera for this one. This kids can't walk but he sure is motivated to climb!
I hope everyone has a great week!

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Case standing