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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Verdict Is In!

I got a lot of different advice on how to handle Case's Paci addiction. I really have been toying with this for a few months now. I felt like by taking it away during the day was a good start but if I didn't do it now it was going to be harder down the road. To those who were on Case's side and supported his Paci, believe me...he thanks you and wants to come live with you cause I'm a mean mom! I got my idea from my friend Whitney. Someone she knows did it this way and I thought it was cute. (I should add that Whitney didn't fully support me in doing it now. She wanted to wait till 2...It's ok...Case likes you more than me right now)

I took him to Build A Bear and we brought all his Paci's. The girl helping us felt really bad about being the bad guy. She said she felt like the nurse at the doctor's office giving shots. Case picked out this cute dog that we named, "Paci" ( I know I'm cruel. Sorry!) We decided to put all 4 Paci's inside and place them where he can feel them. I thought this would make him happy...I was wrong...

Here he is thinking what a fun game this is. He loves "lets hide my paci game"! He did this willingly until the last one which we had to pry out of his mouth. But still no tears yet...Oh man!!! Only 2 left!
Bye Bye Paci! You've been a great friend to me. You've loved me when my mom thought it was "tough love" to let me "cry it out" when I was just a baby. I'll always love you...I'll never let you go...I'll never let you go...(sorry I had to throw Titanic in there)
He thought stuffing the dog was really fun. The machine made a lot of noise. (Sorry Justin is picking his nose)
"Hey mom my Paci's stuck in this dog's foot. Anybody have a knife on them so I can cute it out? Anybody...anybody..."
So, I did this on Thursday. Thursday night was kinda rough going to bed. I almost cracked and killed the dog myself just to make my baby boy happy again! It was heart breaking! He cried for almost an hour until I finally layed down with him. He woke up again at 2am upset but only cried for 10 minutes. The next day he cried at nap time for only 5 minutes. That next night he cried maybe 5 minutes. The third night no crying. Just held onto the dogs foot and went to sleep. Overall, I'm glad I did it now and not later. I'm sure I would have talked myself out of it at 2. Paci the Dog is treated with love and respect. He likes to carry it around during the day and squeeze his tummy and legs to feel the paci's and laugh. I don't think he'll need to much therapy in the future for this. At least I hope not!
As a side note, Case was supposed to be napping today but instead we found him doing this! Seriously, Justin was never like this. The thought would never come to his mind to do this. I couldn't help but laugh. And thankfully it wasn't a sharpie! (obviously he's still a happy kid!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Case needs your vote!

So, I've been toying with the idea of getting rid of Case's paci. 2 months ago I took it away during the day and he did fine with that. I really want to get rid of it all together now. I was going to wait till he turned 2 but I seriously don't want to have to keep track of it all summer while we are on vacation. He REALLY loves his pace!
He loves to hide them all over the house. When we moved I think I found 6 hidden. (which meant I had to buy 6 new ones at some point)

The love he feels for his paci's is the same as what Justin feels for his "baby". Would I take away his baby? Heck NO! I would drive an hour out of my way just to bring it back from where he left it. I would spend $30+ on overnight shipping just to have a replacement. Then proceed to run over it just to make it look gross like the old one. I did this 2 different times!
Just look at his love and pure joy at having all these paci's! What would you do? Case would appreciate your vote on the matter.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here's the pictures for my house finally...This is the dinning area. The door to the right is a big walk in pantry. I really really love that! I've never had no much space for food and dishes. This light fixture is seriously one of like 3 in the whole house! Why don't people put in lights for bedrooms? Not everyone has a ton of lamps! So now I've got to find me some cheap lamps so I can see in our bedrooms.

Here's the living room. We put the entertainment center in front of the fireplace. There was really no other spot for it next to a cable outlet. It's not too obvious unless you are really looking. Everything is kinda a mess this morning cause Justin and Case were given a train table from a lady in our new church. Her boys grew out of theirs so I'm still trying to figure out where to put it. It's kinda too big for their room...I think the living room is where it will have to go. But then where do I put all the junk I was hiding next to the couch? That is my quest today.

This is our 3rd bedroom/office. Justin and Case are sharing now until they are 18:-) I need the space for my biz and we need a place for Papa Boyles to crash when he comes thru here on business almost monthly.

The boys finally got their bunk beds in this week and it is a lifesaver! I love love love these beds. We got the matching dresser to go with it. All of their clothes fit inside except church clothes so those are hanging in the small closet. The lightning McQueen lamp is the only source of light in here. Very frustrating!

My biggest love of these beds is the steps and storage in those steps. Thanks to Elisa and Patrick who got Preston and Gavin the same ones I had to have them too. I was able to fit all the toys except train tracks and blocks in these storage steps. The closet has the book shelf with some books and that's it! Their room has managed to stay mostly clean! Plus Case can climb up and down without breaking his neck!

So ignore my messed up bed. I just woke up and haven't gotten that far yet. Our room is kinda big but again, no light fixture so I have a little lamp to power our room. Kinda dumb...as a side note...I haven't had carpet before since I've been married and it's been kinda nice and warm. It's new carpet since the last tenants ruined the old ones. The entry and living room has hardwood floors and the kitchen and bathrooms have cheap linoleum. I'm really happy with the new place and someday I might ever decorate...

We went to the Asheboro Zoo on Monday. It was a beautiful day for the Zoo. 65 degrees and sunny and not very crowded. We got a year membership so we'll be going a lot! Our friends from our old neighborhood came with us. The cute redhead is Maci and she LOVES Case!

This Gorilla was huge! Just after I took this picture he started walking on just his legs right up to the window. Case loved it and kept saying OUH OUH AHH AHH. (gotta love play house disney!)

Case got a stuffed Giraffe so he was really happy to see one.

Here is Justin and his friend Aiden. Justin got a stuffed River Otter. He's proudly displayed in the Bison's horn.

Here's me and the boys at the playground. I think we are sitting on a praying mantis?

On one of my many trips back to our old neighborhood Justin and Case are very sleepy. It was an hour drive each way. They look so sweet and peaceful...

For St. Patrick's Day I made Green Eggs and Green Biscuits. Justin really didn't want to eat any of it but I made him. He did like it afterwards but put up a pretty big fight.

This is what happens when Justin takes my camera. I get a ton of pictures of his cars!

And an equal amount of pictures of his nose!

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