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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not sure what this is a picture of but it is just one example of what he does all the time. He is really starting to love drawing. And they are getting from good. His imagination is great. The other day he drew a van with a christmas tree on the top. It looked just like it.

There's not much I can say about Case and his Paci's. He just loves them. I fould a bunch the other day hiding so when he woke up from his nap he was so happy!
I was incharge of our Relief Society (Women's Group @ Church) Christmas Program. I was so proud of the decorations and how they turned out. Those light were going to be the death of me but they worked and it was a great program. We talked about the different Christmas Hymns and their origins and then we sang together as a group and some of us preformed. Some how I got talked into a duet of Silent Night in German. Not sure how that happened since I'm the one who was assigning the preformers. But I didn't mess up the words too much.

Do you see my pretty Nativity Set from Willow Tree that my wonderful Mother in Law got for me a few years ago! It's so pretty!

We aren't going anywhere for Christmas since we went to TN for Thanksgiving. We are feeding the missionaries that day so that will be fun. I think the kids have gotten spoiled like always and some how I talked Loren into a group gift. A new bedding set with new sheets that don't snag on my rough heels. We are already using them and I love it!
I hope all of your Christmas's are wonderful and I'll catch up again in the new year. 2009!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This video is so funny and it might be better than the movie! I'm just sayin'

Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Give Away Again!

So I keep entering these contests because I assume I'll win something eventually...right? N-E-Ways...this blog, give away today is giving away a FREE Reversivble Camera Strap Cover. It's really cute and all I had to do was leave a comment. I was able to add my name 4 different times. Once for just leaving a post on my blog about my Best Picture taken. So here is my Best Picture. You've seen it before I think. It's of Case and his hooded towel. I just love his expression! Check out the blog to see what they give away everyday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free $100.00 Target Gift Card

There is this great blog that is giving away FREE stuff every day and today is a $100.00 Gift Card to Target. All you have to do is leave a comment. If you go there give my name as a referral so I can have my name added again. Thanks!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving Travels

Man this past month really few by! It was so busy and now only 4 weeks till Christmas. I'll go ahead and apologize for all the pictures in random order. But I am very lazy and I don't want to go back and put them in order. Me and the family got to got to TN for Thanksgiving. YEAH!! It was last minute decision but way worth it. We stayed at my dad's house and got to see alot of people. We didn't leave until late on Wednesday cause Loren had to work. We got to my dad's house around 1am (2am to us). Case really hates traveling at night when he'd rather be in his bed asleep. He cried about 4 hours of our 7 hour drive. Fun huh? But all was well the next day. We spent Thanksgiving at my friend Abby's house. She was so nice to let us crash her meal. My peps went to KY to eat with Pat's (my step-mom) family. We had a great meal with our friends the Hanson's, Wilson's, and Scott Gibson. Thank's Abby for feeding us. On Friday Me and my brother Ben went to visit my Grandmother who lives in a Nursing Home in KY. I hadn't seen her since this summer. I used to live close and was able to visit more but now I'm 7 hours away. I am her Guardian (POA-ish) and I've got to be incharge of her care. She is doing good and we let talk to my mom (her daughter) for like 15 minutes. She really enjoyed that. She hasn't been vocal for about a year and doesn't know who anyone is anymore. But when my mom started talking to her her eyes really lite up and I could tell she was really concentrating. It was good to see her. On Saturday all the grandkids made Christmas cookies at my parents house. We had 12 kids there and it was chaos! I got to finally hold my new nephew Emmett. I just loved him and his sweet baby smell! Saturday night I went to the movies with my friend Claire. We saw Australia. Man I am in love with that man! Hugh Jackman is Yummy!!! (BTW-Loren was throwing up all day Saturday. Fun huh?) Sunday we drove back home and now I've got to dig myself out of this pile of laundry but instead I am updating my blog and changing the back ground. I've got good priorities huh? Well, that's my update. oh-yeah...I finally advanced in rank with my Scentsy Business. Yeah for me! My paycheck for November Rocked and it is paying for Christmas, a new colored printer, maybe a pedicure...it's been too long! On to the pictures. Again I'm sorry they are out of order...

Me and my sister Morgan. She's very pretty and 17! Holy Cow!!
Baby Emmett. He loved his Aunt Becca and slept in my arms for an hour. I've got the touch!

Me and Emmett. (do you like my shirt? It says..."Practice Safe Scents" makes me laugh when I wear it!

Justin is making Christmas Cookies with his cousins. He had so much fun!

This is Izzy, Abby's daughter. She is so stinkin' cute. She gave me inspiration on what to get Case for Christmas. No it's not the My Little Ponies. I got him the same Rocket. He loved her's at Thanksgiving. Thanks Izzy for sharing!
Me and my Grandma Wheat. Believe me...she looks a million times better now than she did a year ago.
Justin and his friend Ethan at Thanksgiving Dinner
I really want a cool timer like this. Very helpful when making a turkey that took an extra hour to cook!
This is Becca Hanson and Abby. I love hangin' with these girls!
Case is chillin' in this pick car. He doesn't care what color his ride is!
Walking a little outside
And finally just a cool picture of what he does all day long!
(Disclaimer: I apologize for the offensive massive zit on my chin thru most of these pictures. Believe me it hurt me more than it is hurting you to see it!)

That's it! Hope everyone had a great Weekend!

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Case standing