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Friday, September 26, 2008

This is Out of Control

This post is just something I need to write and get off my chest and vent and then I will quit obsessing about it. I promise!

Unless you don't watch TV or read the paper or talk to anyone else I'm sure you know about the "Economic Crisis". I'm so beyond sick and tired of hearing about it. Yes our economy is in trouble. Yes people are in a lot of debt. Yes the banks are in debt too. No the government should NOT bail them out! I think it's crazy that the government first is calling it a "Bail Out" hello! what does that teach the people of this country and our children who we are hopefully teaching how not to be in debt? It teaches them they can accept all those credit card applications they get in the mail, they can get that nice new home they know they can't afford with that "interest only" loan that they know they won't be able to afford once the agreement is over and they have to start paying the real mortgage payment. This country has taught us by example how to live way out of our means and that is including these banks who gave all of the people the loans and credit cards!

I know of one person who went Bankrupt not even 2 years ago and already this person has 5 credit cards and racked up $3000.00 in debt on those cards! Who gives a person a credit card when they went bankrupt 2 seconds ago? The idiot banks and financial institutes do and they are the ones now crashing!

So, I say let the banks crash and let all these people who are too big for their britches crash too. It will hopefully teach them how not to handle their money and then this country can hopefully climb out of this hole we put ourselves in...

Disclaimer: I do realized situations happen were jobs are lost, gas prices are insane, food costs go up, and just about everything you budget for has changed in the past year. The cost of living is not very cheap right now. This rant is mostly directed to not living within your means and giving out loans and credit cards like they are candy...

ok...I feel better. sorry if i offended anyone. that wasn't my intent. i promise my next blog will be happy with pictures of my kids:-)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sorry it's been forever since I've updated my blog. Nothing really has been going on exciting. My that's why I haven't felt like talking about nothing. Loren has been working and traveling every week. But there is an end in site come Thanksgiving. He'll have a few months off during the off season so we'll get him on the weekends. It hasn't been as bad as I thought having him gone thou. He is usually away Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sometimes it just Thursday and Friday. He's usually around on Sundays so I don't complain.

I went to a baby shower for a girl at church the other week and made some really fun gifts. Of course I can't take credit for these ideas. I made a hooded towel. (thanks Chantell for the idea)

And then I made a Memory Can out of a paint can and some scrapbook paper. (Thanks Elissa for this idea! I love the one she made for Case) I also made a couple of burp rags and a blanket. It was nice to have a project to do.
Justin was being silly one night. He's actually silly every night and we made some fun spikes in his hair. I'm not really sure what this pose is...
And Case was just being his cute self in the car yesterday. He is adjusting to having Justin gone all day and having to play with me. I'm not as funny as his big brother is. He's been cuting his 3rd molar for like the past 2 weeks and been supper crabby. I can't wait till all those come in! And in case some of you are wondering...he's still not walking! He's almost 14 months old and could care less. I was really hoping he'd be walking by Halloween but I don't see that happening. That's all our exciting news. I'm doing good. Staying busy with my Scentsy Business and meeting a lot of new people doing it. It's been nice to have my own "mad cash" to spend and shop with. The weather is finally in the upper 70's and low 80's so I'm so happy to finally have my fall weather here!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Loren and Justin goes to School!

So, Loren had a birthday on the 26th and turned 31. Happy Birthday!! I'd like to point out the color of cake that I made him. I really wanted the cherry frosting so he got stuck with the pink frosting:-) For his birthday he got a PSP video game. He was actually surprised that I got it for him but he was the one complaining that all the guys have one on the plane when they go to races. I happened to be paying attention that day and got him one. He got to try it out this past weekend on his way to California and was happy he had something to do on the long flight. Case was being really quiet one day and we all know what that mean...he got into one of my crystal light drink pouches and broke the foil on it and had it all over himself and the floor.
So, I was really disappointed that Justin wasn't starting school this year becuase he has a late birthday. However, the good people of NC, Iredell County feel it is nessesary to sponsor a "More At Four" program. If you qualify financilly they pay for the whole thing. Well, I got him into it and yeah for me he is gone M-F 8:30-3:00! They feed him breakfast and a hot lunch everyday! And did I mention that it is free to me? He had a 1/2 day last week and starts full schedule on tomorrow. I feel a little bad that I'm not the kind of mom who got weepy on the first day of school...I was so excited you people have no idea!
He has his own little cubby to keep his stuff in.
I did hang around the first day while he ate breakfast. He actually drank the milk which he doesn't at home. He said that if he drank it at school then he will get big and strong.
When I came to pick him up he was really mad and didn't want to leave. He'd already been there for 4 hours! Him and his friend Aiden got the same class and this is their favorite station to play in. That kid can really build some impressive bridges and roads with blocks!!

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