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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Everybody's Sick But Me!

Ok...so Loren came home on Sunday after being gone the better part of 2 weeks. He was in Cali and I decided I hate that place because he brought back with him a nasty virus. So I was really exited to finally see him again and actually spend some time with him but by Monday morning he had a high temp. and complained of his chest hurting and coughing and pretty much stayed in bed all day. So, on Tuesay he attempted work for like an hour and gave up but not before infecting everyone there and came home and spent the rest of the day in bed. Also, on Tuesday Justin got the same fever and everything else that comes with it. On Wednesday Case starts in on it too. So can anyone guess how my night went? well, me and Case spent the night in the living room so I could keep him calm and also so I could hear Justin. Justin woke up at 1am with a 103' temp. (not good, right?) so, after a cold shower for him and laying in bed with him holding a wash cloth to his head the temp came down enough so he could sleep and I could try to sleep. So, with the sun up and shinning I have slept for like 2 maybe 3 hours. Loren is at work and both kids have temps and for some reason I am not sick yet...(someone knock on wood!) Besides all of that I'm glad to have my hubby back. Because even though he infected our house he did call and ask if I wanted him to come home early and give me a break. Nice huh?

Ok...so stay tuned for pictures of our humble abode. I know some of you will love it!


Friday, February 22, 2008

Here we go...

So, I have done it...I've crossed over and got a blog! Let me just recap how this came about. First of all if anyone ever saw the computer we were using you'd understand why our current leap into technology is great. Loren has never really cared but I have a need to be connected! Well, we were going to get a new computer a year ago but life happened and we got layed off, had a baby, and moved. So it never happened till now! Yeah! Then, I had to convince Loren that a faster internet was a must have. We've always had dial up and the slow boat dial up at that. It was all I could do to not scream when I got online. So, just today we got DSL hooked up! So, now my friends...I am connected to the world and you.

My goal with this thing is to keep the people who care updated on our little family. It is so hard to do that when the majority of my peps live on the West Coast. So I will try to post pics of our happenings as ofter as I can. If any of you have blogs yourself let me know so I can enjoy your family as well. Much love! (I know this picture is old of us so I'll try to get a better one up soon.)


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