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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Crazy Week

So my week started out really crappy! But this blog is not a place to get into why it all went to hell last Saturday. Just know it hasn't improved on that issue...Then on Monday I took Case to the Doctor because he'd had a runny nose and temp. during the weekend and he started a bad cough. Turns out it was RSV. I guess after the age of 2 you don't get RSV but poor Case is only 18 months old. And where do we go at 18 months old? That's right... Nursery at Church. It was his 2nd time going and he ended up the RSV and breathing treatments for a week. We go back on Monday to retest. He sounds a lot better and he's been finally eating and drinking and sleeping good. It's a really pitiful picture!
Also this week I've been preparing for my first Scentsy Show. It was for a small venue of about 500 people. I was awake all night thinking that I need to remember this and that and finally gave up and got going at 4:45 am. It rained all day today so I think the numbers were way down than what they had the year before but we did awesome! Our booth was full from 8:30am-2:00pm. I sold $400 and possibly a few recruits. I'm crossing my fingers. A lot of people interested in parties so hopefully I'll be busy. I really liked doing the show. It just took a ton of work and money to put together. The lady with me is Deanna. She signed up under me in September last year. She came to help me out today. We had a blast! I'm so glad it's over. Now I get to focus on packing to move in 2 weeks. YIKES!

It's hard to tell but that shinny white light is a Groovy White Plugin all lite up. So pretty! Loren made me some great Plug In displays and they were so cute.

Loren also made this Peg Board for all my scents. I like having a crafty guy. Except when he thought it was a good idea to not paint over the yucky white peg board. Black is definitely the better way to go. I'm just sayin'...

And here's the whole shot of my display. Seriously if I told you how much all this product was worth priced out individually...I'd be a poor woman. But I did make a profit and some wonderful contacts. So not too bad for a Saturday!

Sorry for all the Scentsy stuff. It was just a fun day after a crappy week! I'm glad it's over!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Are Moving...Again...

We've been talking about moving when Justin was done with school in June to be closer to Loren's work. He has been driving 60 miles each way since August and the gas on that isn't fun. It hit me when Loren was gone to the race in Daytona that he isn't going to be around very much anymore and I didn't want to do the majority of the move by myself. So my bright idea was to move in March since Loren is only gone for 1 race in the 21st. But in order to get that done we needed to find a Rental Home this week of next in order to give our current Landlord a 30 day notice. I drove around Tuesday and didn't find alot in our price range. I drove around Wednesday and I happened to call a lady who goes to the new Ward I was trying to get into and she said there was a Rental that just went up in her neighborhood so I checked it out and loved it.
Don't get to excited about this house above...it's the one across the street. But just wanted to show the type of neighborhood it was. Very nice and quiet.This is our new house...at least for the next year. If Loren still has a job next season, we'll buy something. The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Brand new carpet was just put in last week in the bedrooms. The foyer and living room have nice hardwood floors. The kitchen is just the original linoleum. The yard is very small compared to what we are used to but clean and nice landscapes in the back.
This is the kitchen (obviously)...I've never had this much counter top or cabinet space. And even a Wine rack above the Fridge. What can I do with that? hmmm...

So I like that fun shelves next to the fireplace. It has identical shelves on the opposite side. (The space heater is not part of the house)

My favorite part is how close the school is for Justin. We'll just have to walk maybe 200 yards around the corner and walk across this path and he'll be in the back field of the elementary. He'll be very sad he won't get to ride a bus but I'm more than thrilled we don't have to drive to school and wait in a long line of cars to pick him up.
I've never lived in a neighborhood that you could walk thru in the middle of the street and not worry about cars since I've been married.
So there you have it. We are moving on March 14th in 3 weeks an hour away and I'm very excited for the change.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I finally broke down and shaved Case's hair this week. I wish I hadn't cause now he really looks just like Justin! So cute! He's got a crazy swirly in the front that is going to drive me crazy so I think I just need to get used to a shaved head. Something about a first haircut really makes boys look all grown up.
He was really good and let us shave it. No squirming around at all! Don't you just love those cheeks of his?

We got to keep this supper cute baby Basset Hound for 2 days a couple of weeks ago. Her name is Mildred and Case's new best friend. This little puppy loved him. She'd follow him around all day when she wasn't sleeping. He was really gentle and wants one all for himself now. She was the perfect size for Case.

I just need to work on Loren for another dog. He's not very interested in another one though. Once we move this summer (closer to his work) we'll start wearing him down about it! Seriously how can you say no to this little boy?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Loren is back to work

So Loren left today for Daytona and will be gone till late Saturday Night. The race is Saturday and Kevin is driving this time. He is sharing the car with Tony Stewart (who we only like when he's driving the car :-) and Ryan Newman ( I think we like him always...) I think Cale Gale is also driving on some short tracks. They will all drive the car through out the season. We got some good drivers so I hope some races get won this year. I know most of you don't car about this and normally I would not either but seriously I have no life and I watch NASCAR now just to get a look at Loren if I can. If you are ever bored like me watch during Qualifying, you can usually see him. He isn't part of the pit crew that goes over the wall but he does catch tires as they are thrown back and gets the extra gas can. He mostly helps with set up before the races.

One last thing (I know you all want all the info you can get) people are confused who he works for so I'll try to break it down for you. Loren is employed by KHI (Keving Harvick Inc.) He works on the Nationwide Series #33 car. The driver changes race to race between the guys I mentioned above. The main reason for this is sponsorship. So, this is the tricky part...Kevin Harvick owes this car (as well as 2 Trucks in Camping World Truck Series) but he, himself is employed by RCR and drives in the Cup Series #29 Penske Car. This is not who Loren works for. So, the race last weekend Kevin won (yeah for him) that had nothing to do with Loren because Kevin was driving the #29 Cup Car for RCR.

I know nobody cared about this but I get questions on it sometimes. So, when in doubt root for the #33 car in the Nationwide Series. Doesn't matter who the Sponsor is or who is driving it, just know Loren is there and he helped build it. Here's the car from last year. I don't have a current picture of it with the Sponsor this year. It will look different for most of the races.

This ends my lesson in NASCAR. If you stuck around this long you get an 'A'. If you didn't you fail...sorry, that's just how it goes.

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