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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Justin's first day of Kindergarten!!

Justin started Kindergarten on August 25th! It was a happy day!! Here's the table he started out at with more boys than girls on it...however I just went to Orientation tonight and he was moved and sits by a girl. That would explain the I hate sitting by girls comment for the past week:-)

Pointing to his name on the door.
That morning getting ready to walk to school. He was so excited. He makes his own lunch every morning and he has adding vacuming to his chore chart. He is getting so big and I'm so proud of him! He's been waiting for Kindergarten for a year now. Ever since his 2 cousins, Porter and Preston starting last year it's been killing him not going to.


Anonymous said...

Awww! SO CUTE! And he's got one of those little pencil case things. I loved those. Mine was pink...brings back memorys of crayons and spelling words.

Alicia said...

Carson is in Kindergarten this year too! Cute pictures.

Gina said...

Time for an update!! ;)

Carrie said...

Your boys are so cute Becca! School is always a big turning point! He looks ready to go, though! Hope you held up just as good. :)

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