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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Massive Bi-Annual Blog Post

So this massive long post that will be completely unorganized is dedicated to Shelby Moore:-) It's a catch up from September to Christmas. It was going to be way too complicated to reorder all these pictures...
Christmas Day was spent opening presents and also Justin finally loosing his 2 bottom teeth. He'd had his perm. one coming in behind for quite some time so I was glad to see the baby tooth finally gone.
We spent the 23rd and 24th of December at the best place on earth, The Great Wolf Lodge. We have one here in Charlotte, NC and it was so much fun for all of us. It may become a family tradition at Christmas Time now.

Case was having so much fun watching the "snow" fall in the lobby and listen to story time before bed. So I know the rest of them don't look good in this picture but I did so it made the cut!

Justin and Case got to color and decorate there own T-shirt and Bag.

They also got a "Build A Wolf" too.
There is an 85 degree year round water park at this place. So much fun and something for every age. Justin finally went down the water slide. He was really proud.
Case I think spent the whole time on this Jet Ski. He also loved the wave pool.
Me and Case getting dry and warmed up for a minute.

So it snowed the week before Christmas. The boys loved it but I really just don't like snow. Never have...as a side note...why can't Loren take 1 good picture?
Case did not want to come inside
Poor kid had plastic bags up his leg to keep him dry. We really should get snow gear sometime.
I had my friend Gina take some pictures of the boys for our Christmas Cards. Case was a totally Punk the whole time!
This picture below was chosen for our Christmas Card. It really just shows Case in his true colors!
For Justin's 6th Birthday Party we had some boys over to make Marshmellow Guns. They had so much fun shooting them...Loren of course had to use his air compressor. I told him it was an unfair advantage. Besides, it really hurt to get hit with that thing!
The boys thought it was pretty cool.
My mom and brother Ben and family came to visit during Halloween.
Poor Case got a repeat costume from Justin when he was that size. I'll do better next year!
We went to a pumpkin patch back in October. It was really nice just to hang out with the family.
They had a corn pit to play in
I really liked this picture of me and Case

Justin took a 4 week Lego class this past Fall at the Science Center. He really loved it!
He learned all about levers and wheels and how to make things rotate.
So this is the end of my HUGE Blog post. Sorry for neglecting it. I'll "try" to do better. Facebook has ruined my blogyness :-)

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Lizzie said...

I have been waiting on that update for an eternity :) Good to see ya doing well.

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