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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Loren's Race

I went to St. Loius Race with my brother Ben. He were awake for over 24 hours that trip but it was worth it! We left at 7am and drove 5 hours there to hang out all day for qualifying and then the race that night. Here's Loren getting ready for the race to start. We're at the pit box already and he is weighing the gas cans. They hold around 11 or 12 gallons and weigh 85 pounds. He'll wiegh them before and after a pit stop.
Me and Loren during the race hanging out waiting for a pit stop. I got to wear some headphones and listen to the driver, crew chief, and spotter. It's the only way to watch a race!
Just hanging around waiting for something to do.

Man he's sexy:-)...good thing he doesn't read this blog or he'd kill me for saying that:-)

This is a video of one of his pit stops. He doesn't go over the wall when the car gets there. He's the one squatting down with his butt to you:-)

1 comment:

Amy said...

You sure do know how to redneck it up! Yeah, too bad your dumb brother, Ben, didn't stay awake and help you stay awake driving back to TN. I told you he's no good at that!

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